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Contact Email Notifications for "Invoice Payment Notification" Emails

splaquet shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Several of my clients:

- CCs on file

- manage multiple accounts (because there's not currently a way to have a "reseller" type role, to minimize emails/user accounts)

- receive DOZENS of reminders and notifications (when they only need CC expiration emails & receipts)

it'd make several of my larger clients very happy, if there was an additional checkbox in the Client > Contacts > Email Notifications area for:

- "Receipts & CC Expire ONLY" (disable all expiration emails, other than 1 that's maybe 30 days out)

Alternatively, having a front end area, where the Customers could control their own email notification settings, would also be nice... so they could have the same reminder/notification timing settings that we have in our WHMCS > General options.

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I just had an afterthought, as this scenario just popped up again for me/my client.

It'd be an incredibly powerful core function to be able to uniquely set reminders/invoice notifications for domains AND other services.

They're currently all grouped together (for 60 day, 30, 15, 1, 5 day reminder, etc).

Where as that format works great for domain expiration/renewal reminders, there's not really such a need for the same amount of emails for services such as hosting, etc.