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Edit Tasks Templates on Project Managment

Roe Shalom shared this idea 6 years ago
In Progress


right now we can save / load templates

there is no any option to:

1. remove tasks templates

2. edit Task Templates, Include:

a. Add task

b. remove task

c. edit task

d. edit template name

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Plus +1 for this. This makes project management almost unusable for us.


Glad after 5 years (per date this was requested), it appears this core flexibility of the project add-on that was missed during development of this add-on is in the works.


This is starting to get ridiculous really - after 5 years you can't provide this basic functionality? The lack of this is so frustrating I dont know why we paid good money for the module. This is a 1 day dev at the most. If it wasn't encoded I would do it myself. PLEASE PLEASE consider finishing this. Turning on the uneditable template management is not good enough we need the following:

The ability to EDIT templates that exist. - add tasks and reorder and delete

The ability to reorder the task list in existing projects.

How is any of this rocket science? Sorry for being so impatient but it has literally been years and we STILL can't use this.


I have to echo this sentiment. The PM needs serious attention, and these items specifically is the most urgent.