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Domain Redemption Fee Option

Anonymous shared this idea 5 years ago

While this can ultimately be added by a custom invoice, it would be great if there was an option to include redemption fees that I've specified if the domain does in fact go into redemption.


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Interested to hear exactly how you would like to see this work. A couple of things specifically come to mind: what do you expect to be able to configure, how would WHMCS know when to add the fee, how would the fee be charged if an invoice has already been issued for the renewal? And anything else you think might be important to consider. Thanks!

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Not sure if that's possible, but many offer API, maybe there's already there so .. why not?

Also manual redemption should be possible.


There is different domain restore fees structure and redemption period for most of registrars for every TLD.

WHMCS can sync these fees and status along with regular domain TLD prices whenever domain sync cron is run.


1) Make sure to add the API of the top Domain Registers, they already (or should) have that information in their system.

2) At the very least, set up for each domain a) at what point time wise from the expiration date does the domain name expire and allow the Admin to add XX number of days before the domain name goes into redemption.

Then via a CRON run check to see if any EXPIRED domains is past the XX days, if so, CANCEL the invoice (or Line Item of the invoice) and add at minimum a button on the Domain Name management page (and notice in the Client Area) that abcdefghij.com has expired and is in redemption. If you wish to regain the domain name out of redemption they will see a price of $XXX.xx Then they click a button to create a Domain Name Redemption invoice and pay.

At XX days past Expiration when Redemption Ends, that special notice goes away and unable to regain out of redemption

NOW that would be minimum. If the registry has an API that we can tie into so much the better. But at least there is a PROCESS in place even if its a manual one.