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Domain checker

Christian Almazena shared this idea 6 years ago

We're trying to validate the length of domain names before accepting the order (using the following link as a reference:http://manage.resellerclub.com/kb/servlet/KBServlet/faq1375.html)

Currently if a customer tries to register a domain the ShoppingCartValidateDomain hook works well and is able to reject invalid names, however if the customer goes directly to domainchecker.php and tries the very same domain name it gets successfully added to the cart. The DomainValidation hook isn't enough because it ignores any returned error.

There should be a way to reject invalid domains, no matter where they're coming from.

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That´s a problem with many hooks. You will be informed but you can not intervent. This should generally be changed in all hooks (when it makes sense).



Thanks for taking the time to submit this idea. In version 7 we integrated domainchecker.php into the shopping cart so as to offer a more streamlined and consistent domain lookup and purchase experience for end users.

Therefore all domain orders will pass through the shopping cart and be subject to the ShoppingCartValidateDomain action hook point.