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Disable Select Cron Email Actions

dglynch shared this idea 7 years ago

We have the ability to turn off the Cron Email Report right now in settings but that is an all or nothing switch.

The Cron File has the ability to run select tasks such as closing support tickets. This is very useful to close tickets hourly however you still get a full Cron Report Email.

I don't want to turn off getting the email because its nice to get one at the beginning of the day for how many invoices where generated etc.

Can we implement a "flag" in the Cron line to disable the email?

A bit more complicated maybe to have a single cron command run every 5 minutes (or whatever the user chooses) but then in the settings have specific drop downs or such to say when to run a specific section of the cron.

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Yes please!



I'm pleased to advise that in version 7.1, we added an "email-report" option which allows you to do this: http://docs.whmcs.com/Crons#Options