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Default Payment Gateway

Barry Murphy shared this idea 7 years ago
Already Possible


Currently on the clients "Options" tab we can set the default payment gateway for a client, i.e. Direct Debit. This feature doesnt appear to be used anywhere, so when we attempt to create a new order for a client X, it doesnt default to the clients default payment gateway.

This means each time we want to create a new order for a client, we have to go to the clients page, then the options page, view the customers default payment gateway then create the order.

Automating this selection of default gateway would be very handy when placing an order.

Many thanks

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Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback and submitting this idea. The Payment Gateway setting under the invoice's Option tab will change the payment method for that one invoice.

To change the payment method for future orders placed by the client, please use the field on their Profile tab.

To change the payment method for invoices created by a specific service, use the field under the client's Products/Services tab.