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Custom URL for "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons

Jesús Carrera shared this idea 10 months ago
Under Consideration

The "Login to cPanel" and "Quick Shortcuts" buttons which use the Single Sign On (SSO) from WHMCS to cPanel send my clients to the URL "server.myhostingsite.com:2083", but I'd like to send them to "cpanel.myclientsite.com", or to "server.mywhitelabelsite.com:2083".

WHMCS uses the "create_user_session" API call from cPanel, and there is a way to manipulate the URL used with the "preferred_domain" parameter.

I guess you could easily add a "SSO URL" option to the WHMCS > Setup > Server options to add a radio to select:

- "Don't change": What happens now (server.myhostingsite.com:2083)

- "This Server Hostname": Use the server hostname + :2083 (server.mywhitelabelsite.com:2083)

- "Client website subdomain": Use a custom subdomain, which by default can be "cpanel" + the client website (cpanel.myclientsite.com)