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Custom fields: show the id applied to select options.

MairaV shared this idea 6 months ago
Under Consideration

When I define a custom field for customers, using the information given in https://docs.whmcs.com/Custom_Fields

for example:

01|Consumidor final, 02|Responsable inscripto, 03|Monotributo

In the select on registration form I'm supposed to get this:

<select name="customfield[4]" id="customfield4" class="form-control">

<option value="01">Consumidor final</option>

<option value="02" selected="">Responsable inscripto</option>

<option value="03">Monotributo</option>

<option value="04">Exento</option></select>

But instead I get

<select name="customfield[4]" id="customfield4" class="form-control">

<option value="01|Consumidor final">Consumidor final</option>

<option value="02|Responsable inscripto" selected="">Responsable inscripto</option>

<option value="03|Monotributo">Monotributo</option>

<option value="04|Exento">Exento</option></select>

It correctly Shows the content of the option, but in the "value" it shows what's supposed to be the value with the content. It should only show "01" in my case.