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Create products for subdomains through "Use existing domain" option in cart

Igor Kaczor shared this idea 2 months ago
Under Consideration

This used to be available in previous versions on WHMCS. I got this response from support when asking about it:

"As part of the Domain Checker refactor, this functionality was updated.

Subdomains are not considered valid when selecting "I will use my own domain"."

This was useful to our clients. The way it was used was putting everything before the first dot from the left in the `sld` field and the whole rest in the `tld` field.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

Additional validation was added to the TLD field on the "Use own domain" option based on feedback from partners that they were experiencing significant support overhead dealing with customers entering invalid values in this field. It's also generally advisable to validate field data from a security standpoint.

As such, we do now require the TLD field to be a recognised TLD, this can eithe be one of the 200+ TLDs WHMCS supports out of the box, any you add yourself, and any domains with pricing configured.