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Configure specific support departments for Support Ticket Feedback

Tyler shared this idea 7 years ago

It appears the 'Support Ticket Feedback' feature will send an email to all clients once their ticket is closed. While this is a great start, it doesn't work for departments such as [email protected]

It would be great to specific which departments to send out the feedback request, I see it only being valuable for support-related requests.

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We do like this idea and we are adding it to our product backlog. Adding specific departments to support ticket feedback can provide a lot of value to many users.

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Thanks for adding this feature to the system.

It's a bummer that we cannot edit / add questions.. - is it something that you are planning to add soon? there should be an option to ask other question and so on.

Since the ticket feedback requests will be sent to every ticket closed - we need a way to activate this per department, lets say we want only the support department tickets to be survey after a ticket been closed - and not the sales or accounting tickets.

Also there should be a way to allow customer to choose not to be survey again, there are some customer with high volume of tickets and there is no need to keep survey them again and again for every ticket - or at least give them the option not to be.

The reporting are also problematic.

We need information by department, average of Rating per month, NPS, and so on and so on...


There is a bug with the ticket feedback request system.

We are using escalation rules to automatically close tickets that are in status "answered" for 24 hours,72 hours and so on (every department have different setting).We are using the escalation rules and not the "Close Inactive Tickets" in the Automation Settings since each department have different conditions and time frame to close the ticket.We set up the escalation rules to close the ticket and to add reply to the ticket and to the customer informing the closure of the ticket.The problem is that tickets the are closed automatically by escalation rules don't activate the sending of ticket feedback request.Only when we manually closed a ticket then a ticket feedback request is sent to the customer.The ticket feedback request should be sent when a ticket is closed whether manually be ad admin or automatically by the system (using escalation rules).


We do like this idea and we are adding it to our product backlog. Adding specific departments to support ticket feedback can provide a lot of value to many users.


Hi Cole,

Thanks for the replay.We now have at least 32 votes to improve this feature - maybe not much, but I think this issue have an impact on the silent majority.

I understand that this is something that require some effort from the development team - but this feature is not really usable as it is now.

Having the ability to survey our customer and get their feedback - is a great feature and it's something we (and others) really like to do - so in general I would like to thank you for adding this feature to the system - but there are several things need to be improved so we can use this great feature.

1. Edit / add questions:

This is a nice to have feature.

Having the ability to change the questions will make it more suitable to each company special needs and relevant clients types and make this feature more flexible and support the business needs for each company.

2. Activate this per department:

This is more important

It will help us to close internal ticket or other departments that we don't need the feedback on.

3. Allow customer to choose not to be survey again:

This is the major issue....

We have customers that opens lots of tickets a day / a week - sending them over and over and over again the feedback request mail is something they consider as a spam.We would surly want to get their feed back every once in a while - but not in such quantity.

You suggested using the option to control it by department - but although this is a needed feature for some cases - it will not help us with the spamming issue (since we don't control to which department the customer is opening a ticket to.

The best thing will be to be able to set the amount of feedback request that will be sent to a customer in a given time period - lets say maximum 2 request a month - or something like that.

It should be a general setting that you can override at the customer level - so in general you set customer to get a feedback request twice a month - but if a customer having a history of complains of the service level- so in order to check his satisfaction we should send him feedback request for every ticket or up to 20 request a month etc..

But - If this is something too complicated to address now maybe the solution is to do something like that:

- Use the already existing Marketing Emails Opt-out option in the client profile - so when setting a customer so he will not get any marketing emails - he will not get the feedback request mails.

- Another option is to set the getting / not getting the feedback requests by client groups - so when creating a new client group there will be a setting if the customers in this client group will get the feedback request mails or not.

Any way - the issue here is to have the option to control is in the customer level (or customers if you use the client group option) - so it will be relevant to every ticket he opens - and not just by department.

4. Fix the bug that prevent sending of ticket feedback request when closing a ticket with escalation rules.

Well.. this is really a bug...When closing a ticket (no matter how) the feedback request should be sent (If we activated this feature...)What do you say?Thanks!Ram


In WHMCS 7.0, you can now enable the email request for a user to provide feedback for their support ticket experience on a per department basis. For more information, please check out the Version 7 release notes here: http://docs.whmcs.com/Version_7.0_Release_Notes