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Configurable "thank you" page / order completed

Jorge shared this idea 8 years ago
In Progress

A configurable, WYSIWYG-editable (like email templates, complete with variables) "thank you" page for completed orders.

This is a good place to:

The idea is to be able to do all this after they have paid, instead of cluttering the checkout process which could cause lost sales.

Some needed/useful variables:

  • -product bought
  • -amount paid
  • -first time customer?
  • -how many domains/products do they have?

WHMCS should try to find a way to ensure customers do end at this page after they have paid, everytime they pay and only if the payment is successful, with maybe a built-in delay to allow for delays in backend processing/notifications.

I know "complete.tpl" exists, but my experience is that not every customer ends at that page, depending on the gateway module. It's also used for more than one purpose (customers can arrive to it and not have paid), which can complicate tracking.

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This is already achievable in the current WHMCS 5.1.x platform. We leave a modifyable template in each template directory with the file name, "complete.tpl".

Within this file lies a specified area for HTML insertion:{if $ispaid}<!-- Enter any HTML code which needs to be displayed once a user has completed the checkout of their order here - for example conversion tracking and affiliate tracking scripts -->{/if}

This also accepts Hook functions defined here:http://docs.whmcs.com/Hooks:Order_Process#ShoppingCartCheckoutCompletePage

Is a GUI editor required past the currently available usage?

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SeedHost.net wrote:

Another related feature, would be to set a custom redirect URL after purchase is done, this way you can comfortably customize the URL a client will be redirected to after the purchase is done.

As an operator, I should be able to programmatically construct the order complete redirect URL. You could do this with a hook, just provide the order ID (at minimum) and I'll respond back with the URL I want them to go to.



I see that this feature request is in "In Progress" status for a long time...

We need a way to have a configurable "thank you" page / order completed - for every product (not to change the "thank you" page / order completed for all of them - but to be able to set a different unique page for each product).

In this page we should be able to implement Facebook pixel and google analytic - or any other tracking system.




I wonder when this was marked "in progress" and what does this mean. It would be fantastic to get this finally done :)