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Colo/Dedicated Server Management Addon

Anonymous shared this idea 8 years ago

While WHMCS does in fact allow us to manage the sale and

billing for Dedicated Servers, we do not have the ability to actually

manage them from within our billing platform. This would be ideal for

allowing us to have a single point of access for Client, Tickets, and

Inventory management. Some of the below entries are suggestions for

overall functionality:

Asset tracking / Server inventory

- I keep track of server serial numbers anyways, it would be nice to

keep a table of server details that are linked back to the serial

numbers. The serial number details might have more information on

specs, notes, location (see below), etc. You could see which customers

have had that serial number. It could show if it's currently assigned

to an active customer, terminated, decommissioned, or available. The

nice thing would be is if we had some older out-of-date servers it would

be a nice way to allow customers to see inventory and order them at a

discount. Once the order comes in it wouldn't be available and not show

up as orderable.

The accounting ramifications could be nice as well, I'm not an

accountant but I'm sure they'd like to see more details as far as when

it was ordered, PO #, cost, vendor. You could run a report showing

costs and revenues of equipment as well. When equipment is

decommissioned you know you made X amount back on the initial

investment, or how long equipment is lasting.

Who knows, maybe a batch of servers comes in with faulty hardware and

you see a pattern, you could see which customers are on servers from the

same PO # and email them about preventative maintenance.

Location Mapping


While it doesn't need to be complex on day 1, it'd be nice to also

group serial numbers by location. room : row : cabinet : U

Then you could drill down to the cabinet and see what is in it. To add

complexity you can see capacity (u) and other infrastructure (switches /

pdu). Keep in mind that the asset tracking knows sold/unsold so you

could pull up a row or cabinet and know what is available

rDNS/IP management

- Keep track of IP management, allow customers to set their own rDNS for IPs assigned to them. (PowerDNS)

Network Control

control / disable / label / switch VLAN on switch ports

- disabling a switch port for a server that is suspended / enable on un-suspension

- relabel / change VLAN on the switch port when assigning it to a server

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This would be great to see integrated into WHMCS - we have had to custom build our modules for dedicated server customers but if WHMCS had it built in then that would be amazing!


This would be great as long as they pay attention to it after release. How long has it been since the Project Management module has had an update? Or Live Chat?


WHMCS is a billing platform, not a DCIM/IPAM. If you need this, use Netbox. It has a full/robust API thats easily integrated with.

I would much rather see WHMCS improve on billing features than spend thousands of hours re-inventing the wheel.