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Client Specific Knowledgebase Articles - Categories

Jacob Hamblett shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I think it would be a really good feature to be able to restrict access to individual knowledge base articles and/or knowledge base categories/subcategories to individual clients and/or groups of clients.

Wanting to use WHMCS as the central system for client and product management; the built-in knowledge base is ideal for storing tonnes of documentation and allowing users to self-service. However, custom projects or documentation specific to individual clients cannot be stored in the knowledge base currently because it would either be public or available to all clients.

If there was the option to create a category of articles that only a certain client(s) could access, or limit down to individual articles as well - that would mean clients can find everything they need in one place via their WHMCS account.

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Yes, even limiting kb articles by customer based on the products they have would make the whole KB more useful to the customer who would not have to search through everything to find solutions.

This could also be handy when you have different customer groups, i.e. Business or Home users. Or other segments who need different info in the KB because they are using the product differently.

And of course the main case above would be useful - i.e. ultra custom KB for a high value client.