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Change the root link to a predefined one

Anthony Didsbury shared this idea 2 years ago
Already Possible

Currently, if a client is in their client area on WHMCS and they click my logo on the top left of the page it redirects to WHMCS root. I wish to be able to redirect my main website root.

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Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion. This can be achieved by way of a template customisation to the header.tpl file.

  1. {if $assetLogoPath}
  2. <a href="{$WEB_ROOT}/index.php" class="logo"><img src="{$assetLogoPath}" alt="{$companyname}"></a>
  3. {else}
  4. <a href="{$WEB_ROOT}/index.php" class="logo logo-text">{$companyname}</a>
  5. {/if}

For more information on customising templates please refer to https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/


tried editing the above in my header tpl but the link is now giving me : http://www.domain.co.uk/index.php" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://domain.co.uk/whmcs/http://www.domain.co.uk/index.php