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Bulk account deletion option

Rich Gregory shared this idea 10 months ago
Under Consideration

WHMCS does not naively offer a bulk delete option.

I have quite a number of "bad" (now closed) accounts created (registered) by bots or hackers. I closed all these nuisance accounts but do not see a way to PURGE or bulk DELETE them en mass.

I'd like to be able to be able check off tick marks next to these accounts in the "View/Search Clients" screen and choose to bulk purge them from my WHMCS. At present they need to be deleted one at a time.

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This is common sense to expect such a feature to be present.


Hi there,

Thanks for your suggestion.

We don't offer a mass delete function intentionally so as to prevent irrevocable and permanent deletion of data; malicious or accidental.

Solutions for this do exist in the Marketplace. My advice would be to use with caution, as once data is deleted it cannot easilly be restored.