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Bootstrap 4 Support

Shane Cooke shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Update WHMCS to Bootstrap 4 instead of 3.3.7.

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We're excited about some of the new abilities in Bootstrap 4 and are certainly keeping a close eye on the development and adoption of it among our users. A major consideration for us when it comes to making a switch like this however is in ensuring WHMCS remains universally and easily adaptable and integratable into our customers existing websites, and for that reason we believe switching at this time would be premature. We will however be re-reviewing this regularly.

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Hi John

If you're going to go through this process of updating the themes from BS3 to BS4, please do an overhaul of the theming system itself. A lot of HTML is still hardcoded into WHMCS and inaccessible from the TPL files (especially on the admin side). I do like the idea of a WordPress-like theming system with child themes associated with it. This would make customizations much easier for people who are not able to dig deep into HTML/CSS/JS/PHP.

I think WHMCS is at the point where it could make it a little easier for people to adjust their themes without this knowledge. Setting up key configuration options for colors, fonts and other changes would give customers a sense of freedom. This would not be of much help for theme developers like myself, but if it's a system our themes can tie into then great.

A great example of this is a system like that of XenForo. It has the parent/child theming system like WordPress, but also a very easy to edit system that allows you to make changes to your theme on the fly without editing the CSS. It has basic configuration options for each theme, colors, fonts, etc. Implementing a system like this would definitely make WHMCS a more attractive software for people seeking to look different.

I believe your idea of adding checks to the theme system would suffice. With these changes, you wouldn't be able to take older WHMCS and continue to use them.

I think there is a lot you can do here, but the first step has to be moving all hardcoded markup out of the encoded files and into TPL files. In addition to cleaning up a lot of the markup that's still in use today (more for the admin themes).


I'd add that this is the same problem we had with being stuck on Bootstrap v2 for such a long time also. Back then it was easier to implement you own Bootstrap v3 theme as there wasn't so great a difference between v2 and v3.

I know WHMCS (the company) can't predict breaking of incompatibility between 3rd party framework versions but it perhaps should have been obvious then that being reliant on a particular version was not a good thing. Yes, putting the six theme out on git was good but it's not really helped move forward with Bootstrap because of the encrypted code still generating some of the HTML.


Hi all,

Thanks for your continued contributions to the discussion. Let's please keep this request on topic regarding Bootstrap 4 implementation. A discussion of changing how the template system works would be best assessed on its own merits, eg: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/whmcs-child-themes-in-wordpress-style-to-make-upgrades-less-work