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Better support for multilanguage

Felipe Santos shared this idea 8 years ago

Hello fellas,

i found a post so nice about support to multi language and multi currency.

i didnt found it, but i'll try to explain.

in product page details you have the possibility to add new languages, so above of the page open a new tabs for that especific language, so you can set new content translated and prices in different currency. ;) than you got different links too.

that is it,

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Thank you for the improvement, but there are still various things to activate translation, such as the product group features we can add in the product group and the payment gateways descriptions.

The easy translation should be applied there too. (Reported in the link above: http://blog.whmcs.com/?t=112019)


Still no translation for support departments!


Would be good to translate and support deparments.