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View and download attachments

Dan Jones shared this idea 2 years ago

Just want to be able to see and open the files that are attached in WHMCS tickets but can't be seen in the android or iphone apps.

I created a community topic here - (https://whmcs.community/topic/290613-awhmcs-no-ticket-attachments-working-in-whmcs/?tab=comments#comment-1303236)

just to make sure that it is not just me beingf stupid or having the

wrong set up. You will see from the responses that otheres have tested

to receive the same results.

"So far I have just one small issue

that I can't find any solution or work around to. On the aWHMCS app

(android or iphone) the ticket attachment disappears, I can see it on

WHMCS via the browser login, I have tried all the types of files that I

have 'allowed' .WAV, .PDF, .JPG etc. .. they all work, are attached and

can be displayed on the browser but on the app nothing! They are

visible on the response in the browser too (if responded via the app)

... just nothing in the app."

I find the app much better that the

browser on a smart phone, however the visibility and execution of the

attached file (that is attached to the ticket and working in the

browser) is critical.

WHMCS responded "I can confirm that at present, it is not

possible to download attachments via our apps.

Our apps use the API to communicate programatically with your WHMCS

installation, and at present this does not support a method for downloading

attachments. However in version 7.5 we added the ability to attach files via

the API: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/attachments-via-api So

this could potentially be included in a future update to the apps."

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Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the start of the Technical Preview for our new WHMCS app for iOS and Android!

One of the features available in Preview is the ability to download and upload ticket attachments (requires WHMCS 7.7+).

Please check out the preview app today: https://www.whmcs.com/preview/mobile

Then share your feedback with our community: https://whmcs.community/forum/505-whmcs-mobile-app-technical-preview-feedback/