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Any chosen period of time

Khutorov Aleksandr shared this idea 7 years ago
Currently Declined

1. Allow customers at any time (not just when invoice is already generated) to pay for servces for any chosen period of time.

2. For hosting and dedicated servers services

- Renew button next to order, by clicking on which, you get to choose payment period and then the invoice is generated which the customer can pay.

3. For domain servces

- Renew button next to order, by clicking on which you get to choose period you want to renew domain for. Domain renew periods should be configured in admin cp for each TLD separately, for example some TLD's can be renewed for only one year and some, up to 5 years. The amount of time until expiration

should also be limited and configured via admin cp, for example domains in .ru TLD can be renewed no sooner than 60 days before domain expiration.

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1 & 2 customers can already 'credit' their account with a prepayment, and admins can already generate invoice-in-advance

3 is already part of whmcs to show them a renew button and let them pick how long for