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Allow users access only to his tickets and information

ramf shared this idea 6 months ago
Currently Declined


Thanks for adding the option to seperate users and accounts. I think this is a good first step needed in order to improve WHMCS and make it more suitable for accounts that belongs to corporates / companies instead of individuals.

In general these are the things that are not handled by the current way it's working in WHMCS - even after version 8:

1. When a user log in to the account - he see all the tickets from all the other employees of the company / all the other users connected to this account. There should be a way to show each user only his tickets and allow the account owner to see tickets from all the users connected to this account.

2. Information management - The same as above, user should be able to change only his information and not to see or be able to change other contacts / users information. the account owner is the only one that can see and edit everyone.



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Hi Ram,

Thanks for submitting this suggestion.

At present we do not see the direction of the users system expanding to restricting access to specific services, tickets or invoices.

Restricting users permissions to prevent them updating the account details and contacts can already be controlled via the User permissions.