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Allow the use of an existing Duo Security account

Alex Smith shared this idea 4 years ago

While it's great that you have Duo support for admins, for those who already use Duo for securing other things (e.g. servers) would we please be able to have a section where we do not have to re-signup through the admin panel?

The ability to generate an integration on the Duo site and provide in the relevant API details would be appreciated.

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Thanks for your feedback and votes. I'm pleased to advise that an organisation can now use their own Duo accounts in WHMCS version 7.0 and above: http://docs.whmcs.com/Duo_Security

This allows user management directly via the Duo website.


That's wonderful John! However the usernames that WHMCS version 7.0 and above sends to Duo seem nonsensical.

WHMCS sends usernames to Duo using the pattern "username:[email protected]:license_key"

For existing Duo customers that use Duo 2FA for other applications (in addition to WHMCS) this means that the username WHMCS sends to Duo does not map to existing Duo users, which has Duo licensing implications.

I'd like to see WHMCS send usernames to Duo using the pattern "username" or "[email protected]". This is how almost every other application on the planet behaves.