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Allow single monthly invoice for all services/domains

Julian M shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Some customers have loads of domains and/or services. It would be great if they got invoiced once per month with all the services/domain renewals in that invoice. eg Create invoice on nth October for all services/domains due to expire in November.

Currently to generate a single invoice for all services due in a whole month, you need to manually adjust the due dates of all such services/domains to be the same and make sure that the payment method selected for all these services are same as well.

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Any progress on this? I currently set all of my customer's products and services to the 1st of the month, but it's a bit tedious and sometimes results in errors.


As this (mostly) affects domain orders, there is a simple solution. Well, not that simple.

We always set domain next due date to the 15th of the previous month, while billing is set to send invoices 14 days before due date. That way, clients always got billed for all domains in the NEXT month at least 15 days before´in one invoice.

That was the only possible way of doing this. But that is working very good.


Domain original due date : 23.08.2020

Domain new due date set to : 15.07.2020

Invoiced at: 01.07.2020

(watch for domain syncing...!)

That way all domains, tha are due at any day in august. will be invoiced at 01.07.2020

It´s somewhat early billing and some customers pay late because of this, but we simply ignore that.


Hi Michael. I also set WHMCS sending invoices 14 days before due date. However, WHMCS is still generating different invoices for different domains (with different due dates). Then it's different than what we are requesting at (only) one invoice for all domains in the same month.

Or unless I am misunderstanding your way... Does your WHMCS generate one invoice or multiple invoices for domains?


another one for this feature, it seems there are ways to do it with expensive add-ons products but the core product should do this, I have just changed to WHMCS since lockdown as I had to lose staff and this saves time, but I have clients raging that they are now getting 100s of invoices for domains throughout the month instead of just one a month.