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Admin Area ID Protection Toggle Behavior

A2 Dev shared this idea 11 months ago
Under Consideration

Since 7.5 the ID Protection toggle in the Admin area has been made "smarter"; it looks up the actual state of the setting with the Registrar. But if somehow (the method doesn't really matter, it shouldn't happen but it does) WHMCS and the Registrar become out of sync the toggle will stop working in WHMCS and will just error out whenever you try to use it.

If it's out of sync and you're trying to change it in WHMCS, necessarily you are trying to get it back in sync. So WHMCS should not error out and stop the value from changing, it should let the value change and return a message that this was already the value in the Registrar.

At the very worst it should pop up a dialogue and say "This value is already set in the Registrar, do you want to change the value in WHMCS to match?" I feel like that dialogue would be redundant though because staff has already indicated they want the value to change based on their action.

Please change this as we have had staff run into this enough times to complain to us.