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Add Late Fee to Future Invoice

Hanan Wilson shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

We find that our Clients that pay with a check often remit payment for original invoice amount instead of the updated amount. Meaning, they don't cover the late fee and we have to call/email them...which gets confusing and adds stress to an already tense situation.

I would like the system to generate a new invoice for "non-monthly subscription" products or append the Late Fee to the next invoice for "month-to-month subscription" products.

For example, if "Monthly Invoice 1" is Late, "Monthly Invoice 2" will include a line item for "Late Fee". However, if "One-Off Invoice" is Late, "Late Fee" invoice will be generated. Same goes for "Quarterly Invoice 5" or "Annual Invoice 3".

Make sense to everyone?

Thanks for considering!

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+1 . Much needed! Changing a invoice is a big no-no


This is a huge problem for us! Another even bigger problem is the fact that this feature request has been in the queue for 6 years!!


This should be implemented, you know for even legal purposes.

They already offer that for the grace period of the domains so why not for the invoices. Shouldn't be hard.