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Ability to change URLs for [No Hosting! Click To Add] and 'Explore Packages Now' Buttons.

Adrian George shared this idea 4 months ago
Already Possible

I'm looking for the ability to be able to change the URL's for the buttons to add Hosting during a client signing up.

In the domain registration page, at the bottom, is a button labeled 'Explore Packages Now' under the secton to add hosting. Also once they have selected a domain, there is a link > [No Hosting! Click To Add]. (Images attached.)

These both default to /cart.php.

Some, like myself have heavily customised WHMCS in such a way that our main site does most of the work, and completes orders, signup and customer management etc in WHMCS. As a result, what is displayed by /cart.php doesn't cut it in keeping with the overall website. These 2 links are the only ones i'm aware cannot be edited to link to the pages of our choice.

Can these be altered so that we can change where these 2 links point to.


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Hi Adrian,

Both of these links are customised via the order form template files:

* The Explore Packages now button is located in domainregister.tpl around line 273.

* The "No Hosting! Click to Add" link is located in configuredomains.tpl around line 64.

Line numbers are accurate at the time of writing.

More information is available in our documentation: https://docs.whmcs.com/Order_Form_Templates