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yearly invoice for certain customers

Johannes Müller shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Hello from Germany,

why can not WHMCS create a yearly invoice (with all service positions of a customer) at the end of a year for a certain customer who have paid a amount of credit at the beginning of the year?

It would take so much less paper and the customer would not have to book each invoice individually - only one.

Thank you very much for your vote and opinion to this point!

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Hello from Germany,

my Topic is approved since today! Please help me that this WHMCS Feature Request will go to the development!

Please like this idea and give some feedback! Thank you all very much! :-)


I don't see any advantage in creating an annual invoice for the customer.

Monthly would make sense, but annually? I thinkt a lot of accountants would freak out if they get only 1 invoice of the year.

The desire for annual invoices is too special to be part of WHMCS. I am against this request, there are more sensible construction sites.


Hello bady!

Do you really understand me right?

=> Annual invoice as an additional option!

=> Example: for certain customer who have paid a amount of credit at the beginning of the year!

=> Not every customer needs a monthly invoice!

=> Think about the environment, how much paper, printer cartridges and electricity are wasted!

=> In addition, it is also a question of time, if you book an invoice every month or once a year!