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When creating a new customer via the admin side - generate a password automatically

ramf shared this idea 3 years ago
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Now when creating a new customer via the admin side - we have to manually add a password to a client profile or else no password will be generated and there will be nothing in the welcome email ( even if we added the {$client_password} field in the email template).

Of course we can go to another system / web site that create a random password - generate such a password, copy it to the customer profile and then to continue with the customer creation till the end - and then to send the welcome mail - and thus send the customer a password in his welcome mail - but this is quite cumbersomeץ

Another way is to generate a random password and send it to the customer by using the Reset & Send Password button in the client profile - but in this way the customer get 2 emails - one is the welcome email and the other is the Automated Password Reset.

I think that WHMCS should automatically generate a password for a new customer and add it to the welcome email (if we added the {$client_password} field in the email template) - just the way the Automated Password Reset button generate such a mail.

I can see the logic in adding manually password if a customer request one - but in general having the system generate a random password automatically is more convenient and secured.



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Yes the new account password/reset feature on the admin side should be improved:

1. Either offer the random password generation button, or simply make it behave like the customer's lost password self-reset feature where they simply get emailed a link (no password) and asked to create a new password right away in one click, except without the 2-hour limit. If using the random password, they should also be forced to change password upon first logon, as this is standard practice.

2. When the admin uses the "Reset and Send Password" link, after the customer uses the random generated password to login the first time, WHMCS should also force them to change the password immediately. Also consider making this "Reset and Send Password" link behave like the self-help password reset link, where a customer simply needs to click once (no copy paste) and asked to create a new password right away.

When you create a complex random password and do not force them to change it upon first login, many people will forget (or being lazy) to change it themselves, Next time they try to login of course they won't remember that random password, so they either have to dig up this email again, or have to go through the self-help reset (hence making it behave like it the first place makes much more sense), or even worse may ask the host for help.