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Allow custom rewriting to index.php

ServWise.com shared this idea 6 months ago
Under Consideration

Problems : Current v7.8 URL rewriting is not customise-able and ignores language completely and if you try and add your own rewriting scheme to index.php it gives a 404 error (not the case with any other page BTW).

Fix: Allow custom rewriting to index.php

Better fix: as above but also allow us to use a sub folder to force the language , yes this can (could) be done using ?language= via complex URL-rewriting BUT does not work for index.php now due to recent updates, it would however be better to have this built into the system, that way we can simply rewrite e.g. /en/ or /it/ to the install folder of WHMCS and WHCMS would recognise this and force the interface language based on that.

Why is this important? Currently only the default language is indexed by search engines because WHMCS uses session cookies to determine the language to display, and since search engine spiders do not support session cookies they won't index all the sites language content.

One other note: Friendly urls are not meant for humans, they are meant for Search engines (SEO), no one types urls, no one needs human readable urls, humans use links and search engines so there is no need for friendly URLS where content is behind a login E.g the admin areas, this just adds more possibilities of compatibility problems on systems that do not support it for no gain..