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Updating Recurring Invoices in 'OTHER' currencies

Boyd Tiffin shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

We didn't realize this didn't happen already...

When the cron job runs overnight and updates the exchange rates, we need an option to also update the recurring billing price with the new exchange rate pricing. Right now we have people paying a very wide range pf pricing based on the exchange rate when they signed up, instead if the current exchange rate.

If our price is $20USD per month, customers should be paying $20USD every month regardless of the exchange rate when they signed up.

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I really can't comprehend why this isn't happening by default already either.... in fact I thought it was doing it before, until I noticed a few very wrong invoices go out to clients.

PLEASE get this implemented, anyone operating in multiple currencies is often losing money because of this - especially since the US dollar has taken off so much in the last couple years and th most common domains are all priced in USD.