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Update Ticket System Management (Admin Side)

CDJ HOSTING shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

I am proposing an improvement to the ticket system display that should see a huge improvement to the way in which tickets are responded to and the time scale in which they come to a solution.

Tabbed Ticket Display. I am suggesting a three tab solution that would be a great improvement.

Tab One (the primary tab) This would contain all tickets in the order set by the system.

This tab will contain all tickets as responded by all admin so any admin can assist on a particularly troublesome ticket.

Tab Two - All Open tickets that the viewing administrator has responded to no matter the status. This will allow an admin to find his or her tickets very quickly.

Tab Three - Client reply tickets. This tab will only contain tickets the admin has responded to that are currently in the client reply status. This will allow the admin to very quickly respond to all of the tickets that a client has responded to, Further speeding up the resolution of the ticket.

I feel this layout will improve client relations, Increase client loyalty and also vastly improve ticket response times. All of this will in-turn lead to increased business growth and a better reputation.

Improvements and suggestions are welcome i would like to see this develop into a vast overhaul of the ticket system.