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to prevent spam tickets " questions which needs a specific answers"

Saud Faisal shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

spam tickets are annoying

more and more of those tickets everyday is posted, I've been blocking 20 tickets a day.

why won't be there a option which we can add a questions that a user would know the answer for, captcha is not good anymore.example of questions which prevent programs creating a tickets will be such as,

what is the name of the support ticket website?

users enter,

" example name"

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On one of my websites we added a text box to ask users to enter the word 'oranges'. There is some code to check they did this right. If they did, then the form can be sent, if they did not then they get an error and it is not sent.

This has to be in addition to the capthca, as if the capcha is present then the decaptha service used by spam submitting software will focus on the captcha and ignore this text field, even when it submits it to human users in India in real time to solve and pass back, it only sends them the captcha not the whole page! They do not get to see the text box! It works well. It is cheap and easy to code for comment forms, contact forms, and help desk tickets, and it works. It will not stop human submitted spam but it will stop most if not all the automated submissions.