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To be able to see (and remove) the invisible "actions" related to items of an invoice

benspun shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

We would love to be able to see (and remove) the invisible "actions" related to items of an invoice.

By "action", I mean here "what WHMCS does when an invoice is paid".


-"Renewal of domain xxxx + change Due Date by 1 year", or

-"Change Next Due Date of service xxxx by 1 year", etc.

It would sometimes be useful for us to know if any specific action will be done (or not) upon payment of that invoice.

The reason why it would be useful is that we have both automatically generated invoices and manually generated invoices, or invoices that contains mix of those (e.g. an invoice which is automatically generated for the web hosting, to which we manually added the renewal of a domain name).

And so we sometimes have invoices which are paid and for which we do not know if the corresponding action (e.g. renewal) was done or not.

Or, otherwise, sometimes we re-arrange an invoice (to display items in a specific order), and so the hidden "action" no longer corresponds to the item written on that line.

That creates an issue in the specific case where we remove an item at the request of the client (e.g. the client decides not to renew a certain domain name), but then the domain name could happen to be automatically renewed upon payment since the hidden action is still on the invoice, but we have no way of knowing it.

Another case:

Sometimes, a long-term customer whom we know (and trust) calls us and says he is sending his payment by check for the renewal of his domain name and service expiring very soon. We then manually renew in advance his domain name and hosting service, and wait for his payment by mail. However, when we then mark the invoice paid, the domain name and services are renewed once more!

So we would need the ability to "see" and remove the invisible "actions" related to items of an invoice.

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Instructions for doing this on a per invoice basis are published in our documentation at http://docs.whmcs.com/Domains_Management#Manually_Registering.2FRenewing_a_Domain


We are already doing that. What you are describing in the documentation (to manually copy & paste the name & price of the item to a new line, then to delete the original line) is a way to bypass the issue, but it is not the feature requested.

It is not very practical nor very elegant either - that's quite a clumsy way of doing it.

The feature request is to able able to _see_ those hidden actions. Otherwise we're acting blindly here. (E.g.: "Has this line already been copied? - we still can't be sure.")


  1. "The feature request is to able able to _see_ those hidden actions."

+1 This feature request really needs some love


This is very much needed, as this has been a very useful feature in OrderBox.