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Ticket System Improvement: Client & Administrator WYSIWYG editor

Adam Robertson shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

- Ditch the 'Preview' button and just have a 'Live Preview' via a WYSIWYG editor (for both client and admin)- Allow CTRL+B / cmd+B for bold, italics etc

- Include drag-and-drop image insertion

- Colorful code snippets

- Set up a toggle in the option panel for people who would prefer the markdown editor (if security is a concern)

The markdown format is impossible for us to work with in our business so we have to use a separate ticket system (which is incredibly inconvenient to us and our customers). The "WHM Complete Solution" is not complete in my humble opinion, the ticket system should be a huge part of it. I know people are likely going to go on about security etc, but there are tons of other ticket systems that work perfectly without security issues, and I don't think it's too much to ask to see this improved.

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This comment section is actually good in that it allows me to bold my statements and underline what's important.

I really think that this should be in the support tickets as it will make it easier to respond to support requests.

Sometimes a client will ask for something, then after dozens of back and forth communication, he/she changes their mind, as such, the strikethrough is also important.

The quote option in the support ticket is good, but perhaps a simple color change would be better, but this is not critical.


Waiting, now 5 years?

WHMCS Dev Team ‚óŹ 4 years ago

This has been marked as declined specifically because it refers to TinyMCE.

Rich text formatting in support tickets is something that is high up on our roadmap, but the direction we're looking to head in not just for this, but for a lot of rich text formatting within the product moving forward is Markdown thanks to its lightweight, easy to use and easy-to-read plain-text fallback. Plans are already underway for this to be introduced to ticket replies.



Still waiting patiently as well ...


You're a very patient man. Hopefully, you get to live as long as Noah!


Apparently this isn't an option, so what about allowing us to install some sort of plugin or extension from a 3rd party?

It's absurd that this system is using an archaic editor in this century.