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Ticket Reply - Billable Item Entry - Dropdown List Order

Matthew R shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


We are now allowing our technical team to enter billable items. The preferred workflow would be for them to add billable items to the system during a ticket reply. This keeps the data as close to real time as possible.

An example being, ordering a part from a vendor and updating the client the part was ordered. What better place then to add the billable during the client update.

With our process, we are just having the team enter the billable, my billing team will then review the entry and adjust as needed for accuracy.

During our testing we came upon two separate issues.

1. The default action it to Invoice Immediately.

We would like to see the ability to sort this list OR toggle the options available to the team. For our purposes, we always want to use Don't Invoice for Now.

2. There appears to be a logic issue with the permissions.

The code they use in the supporttickets.php page is this:

if (($billingdescription)AND($billingdescription!=$aInt->lang('support','toinvoicedes'))) {

checkPermission("Create Invoice");

We are explicitly checking for the Create Invoice role permission to allow creating billing entries on ticket reply.

The issue here is that Invoice Immediately and Don't invoice for Now are two separate functions and should be treated as such.

It makes Sense that Invoice Immediately should use the Create Invoice permission. It does not make sense for Don't Invoice for Now, that should use the Manage Billable Items permission.

These adjustments would aid our daily efforts and I hope others will benefit as well.

Thanks for the consideration.