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TAX / VAT per invoice line / item

Remco Cloeck shared this idea 5 years ago

I would like to see tax calculated per invoice line and not on the total.


2 resons

1.) If you deliver services that have 2 seperate tax rules you dont need 2 invoices.

2.) Most accounting programs and our dutch law state that you need to pay tax for every product you deliver and not on the total.

let me explain where things go wrong:

the errors appear when things are rounded and calculated.

say i have 3 invoice lines

item 1 price 3.99 exclusive vat

item 2 price 4.99 exclusive vat

item 3 price 5.99 exclusive vat

whmcs sums the exclusive tax price 3.99 + 4.99 + 5.99 = 11.97 exclusive vat

say we have 21% tax then the total = 14.97 + 3.14(rounded from 3.14369) = 18.11

so the total that is being invoiced is 18,11

the dutch law and most accounting calculate like this

item 1 price 3.99 exclusive tax

the vat is calculated 3.99 21% = 0.84 (rounded from 0.8379) total for this item = 4.83

item price ex vat total

item1 3.99 0.84 4.83

item2 4.99 1.05 6.04

item 3 5.99 1.26 7.25

--------- --------- -------

14.97 3.15 18.12

And the total being invoiced here is 18.12

the organisation that controls the tax expect us to calculate by the 2nd way

So i love to see a way this can be fixed.

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I think this should be included. This is required for me to be able to use the API of my accounting software.




I'm pleased to advise that in version 7.4, tax is now calculated per line item. This is consistent with the way it is claculated on the order form summary.