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Support for OnlineNICs API 2.0 (and not only version 1)

Haavard D. shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently the domain registrartion module for OnlineNIC is only supporting version 1 of their API. It would be nice to get support for API 2.0 as well.

Version 1 is not supporting .name and this is added to version 2.

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I support this. The WHMCS version of the OnlineNic module (called (OnlineNic) is years behind OnlineNic's own version of the module (called OnlineNicPro). OnlineNic's version has many extra features, like Private Registrations, Retrieve EPP Code, etc. And they support up to 6 Nameservers, whereas the current WHMCS version only supports 2, which is absurd. I would much rather use the WHMCS version of any module as i would generally trust them more, but in this case I have to use OnlineNic's because the WHMCS version is so lacking.