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Support for IDN TLDs

WHMCS John shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

At present WHMCS can check availability for IDNs on standard TLDs such as ,com, .net and .org.

Please add the ability to also check the availability of Internationalized country code top-level domains, such as:

.中国 (encoded as ".xn--fiqs8s") and .中國 (encoded as ".xn--fiqz9s"; ".zhongguo")

.香港 (encoded as ".xn--j6w193g"; ".hongkong")

.台灣 (encoded as ".xn--kpry57d") and .台湾 (encoded as ".xn--kprw13d"; ".taiwan")

More information is publoished here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internationalized_country_code_top-level_domain

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Very important feature


I can not understand why this doesn't work yet!


this is driving me nuts too - believe me - I just registered 25 IDN domains and I had to go through my Registrar directly to do it as WHMCS won't simply add this feature. Namecheap, my registrar, started giving instructions for creating my own php file, but I really don't/didn't have time for that. This is what we pay the folks at WHMCS the big bucks for! Make it happen!