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Support for IDN TLDs

WHMCS John shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

At present WHMCS can check availability for IDNs on standard TLDs such as ,com, .net and .org.

Please add the ability to also check the availability of Internationalized country code top-level domains, such as:

.中国 (encoded as ".xn--fiqs8s") and .中國 (encoded as ".xn--fiqz9s"; ".zhongguo")

.香港 (encoded as ".xn--j6w193g"; ".hongkong")

.台灣 (encoded as ".xn--kpry57d") and .台湾 (encoded as ".xn--kprw13d"; ".taiwan")

More information is publoished here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internationalized_country_code_top-level_domain

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Non-English characters TLD such as Chinese TLD (both traditional Chinese characters and Simplify Chinese characters), Tamil TLD, Arabic TLD... etc are getting more popular and important especially for Asian countries Will appreciate WHMCS could look into this enhancement as soon as possible.

Thank you


WHMCS V6.X supported this issue , but V7 not . there is some problems in whois.json file I think .


It's an important feature!