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Sub-divide attachment storage folder

David Hunt shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

After several years our attachment folder now has 14k attachment files, which is just way too much for a single folder. Some people have suggested pruning, but we prefer to keep the history.

It would be great if the system subdivided the folder by year or some other method.

For example:


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i would like to add extra func.

separate attachments from tickets than attachments on customer profile.

when we need to clean attachs we will not remove the quotes of our customers.

regarding that now all attachs still on same folder, and we are unable to erase all



we need a way to use external storage (another server or web folder like google drive) to store all attachments from WHMCS on the fly.

We want to save space on our server and use some external storage to store all on our files in the system (from the tickets system, from the customer profile, from the project management addon etc.).

We want it to be as part of the system - not some backup or manual removing of the files - just to store them on another location.

Something we can change in the setup menu - and to have the ability to connect such a place to external web servers - like google drive, Microsoft onedrive etc.

Again - this is something that should be integrated in to the system so any attachment or file will be stored in this location by default and not in the local WHMCS server.

If it can be done while Sub-dividing the attachment storage folder (as mentioned here) it wold be grate.

What do you think?

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