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Stripe: Use another card option needs to be hidden

nineplanetsllc shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


You are using Stripe as your payment gateway.

You client has a card on file.

Your client decides they want to pay with another card.

When they log onto their account they are given the option to pay with another card.

If they use that option, the card on file gets charged and there is NO notice that anything went


Remove this option when Stripe is being utilized until it actually works.

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In addition, if the client normally pays by check (default payment is not stripe), but they have a card on file - if they go to the Manage Credit Card page it will allow them to complete the form, delete the old card on file, but will not save the new card. Then when they proceed to try to pay and invoice later, they get an error that there is no card on file. This is confusing. If the system will not save the card on file, it should either warn them, or not let them fill out the form in the first place.