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Stripe SEPA and ACH currency convert for processing

Mark Weber Andersen shared this idea 2 months ago
Under Consideration


I believe it would be much more usable to everyone if the Stripe SEPA and Stripe ACH module got a "Convert To For Processing" option in the settings so client can se in there wished currency (also get invoices in there desired currency) and only get payment converted.

As all other payment gateway module (that doesn't need it have) a "Convert To For Processing" field.

So admins can secure and make it possible to not get failing payments do to a UK-pond customer tries to pay with SEPA that need EURO and a Euro customer not tries to pay with ACH that fails do to the need of USD.

If there was a Convert option on the admin side it would never happen.

And all other gateways has it (and not need to success just nice to have) but the 2 modules that need it doesn't but fails of that reason. Otherwise a option to hide gateway out from currency is needed.

Should be a small task, as all functions and code already exists just need to copy paste a little bit of code and release :)


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Hi Mark,

Thanks for your suggestion.

SEPA and ACH are very geo-specific and currency-specific payment methods. Payees need to hold a bank account in a particular currency in a qualifying locale to use that method (EUR and USD specifically) . They'd therefore would choose that as their currency when ordering.

In this situation we felt it would be uncommon for a UK user to need to make a SEPA or ACH payment, as those are not payment schemes to which UK bank account holders are likely to have access. Therefore the convert to for processing option could be counter-productive.

UK users will certainly recognise the Direct Debit payment scheme, which you can offer via GoCardless and Slimpay: