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Stripe 3D Secure

DaddyBear shared this idea 4 years ago

Stripe now supports 3D secure: https://stripe.com/docs/sources/three-d-secure

As web hosting can be a medium-high risk industry, it would be nice to see this implemented with WHMCS's Stripe support at some point in future.

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For those who did not visit here very recently, I have good news to share with you.

The current status is now In Progress.


This feature is needed because here in Europe there is a new general reglament that makes required 3DS on payments for every card transactions and all financial institutions are enabling this and all payment gateways should be update to support this.


Hi all,

Version 7.8 has now reached public beta, which includes this feature: https://preview.whmcs.com

No actions are needed in order to leverage the new functionality, but it is important as always to ensure you update custom checkout and order form templates to ensure compatibility: https://docs.whmcs.com/Version_7.8.0_Release_Notes#Template_Changes

Please join us during the pre-release testing period and provide your feedback in our dedicated beta community board: https://whmcs.community/forum/471-v78-beta-discussion/