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Standing Order and Bank Transfers

Jonah Naylor shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Most of our clients pay via monthly standing order as well as through payment gateways/modules.

The problem is they get a notification of monthly up and coming invoice, then they receive an overdue notice, and then we have to manual check the payment and mark as paid for them to receive a receipt.

If we're not on the ball every day clients often can think they're bank transfers and standing orders have failed or are overdue.

To avoid this I propose a 'Standing Order or Bank Subscription' option in additional to the activated payment methods which can be chosen instead adhoc on a client's profile.

This then keeps the monthly next due days rolling but automatically marks them as paid, no overdue notices or receipts are sent out - instead they get an end of year/contract summary pdf and email when they cancel or annually.

Every 3 months an automatic reminder could be added to the tasks list just so staff see which client is due a check to see if they've paid or not via online banking. If all is ok you just mark the task as done and let it all roll on, otherwise you can mark the invoices as unpaid manually and send out an email to pull up the query with the client.

There may be a more streamlined way to achieve this, but we would definitely benefit from some kind of feature.