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Specify taxes on each product

Carles Javierre shared this idea 2 months ago
Under Consideration

Specifying different taxes on each product should be mandatory. Work-hours have different taxes than products, for example, in Spain.

Products only have 21% VAT, where work-hours have 21% VAT and -15% IRPF. If I specify a product, it will have the whole system configuration for taxes: either products with IRPF (losing money) or work-hours without IRPF (fraud for the government).

This is something some companies need, it's about legal issues. Not like it would "be great to have", it's a must!

And yes, this is an attempt into reviving a specific topic, in which I tried answering but the comment is not getting through the revision (or it takes days to check...)

There's two other topics that have information about this, but are in no mans land. Forgotten with cobwebs, despites having 127 votes on the main one. And it's posted 7 YEARS ago.



I tried contacting the support team and encouraged me to do this again.

I'm hoping to get some attention again and re-thinking this major issue which literally doesn't let this automatization happen: if you correct the bills the first time, the next time will be wrong again.

Thank you.