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Specify language when piping e-mails to the support dept.

Thomas Moroder shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

If so, you'd need to ensure you have added the language you wish to use to the email template in

question, then it will be based upon the clients language preference.

If a customer is already registered in WHMCS the autoresponder of a piped message is correctly localized. But if a ticket is opened by a non-client or from an unknown email-address, the default language is always used with no possibility to specify another language. There should be something like the following option:

<email-address [email protected] forwards to> | /path/to/pipe.php lang=italian

<email-address [email protected] forwards to> | /path/to/pipe.php lang=german

and the default is used otherwise and the client's specific language setting prevails if the e-mail address belongs to a customer.

This way it would be possible to assign specific languages to specific e-mail addresses that then get correctly piped to the support dept. with the autoresponders in the correct language.