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Some suggestions for visual (Favicon, Custom CSS, Admin Login BG)

Cinthia Aguiar shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Simple suggestions that can be quite useful.
In the administration panel, add an option for favicon.

1-1. Add favicon on every page.

Example of a page that has no favicon: whmcs/templates/default/viewquote.tpl

Among others I do not remember at the moment.

2. Add a new CSS file to templates (eg custom.css) to override the default rules.

Thinking about the WHMCS customer who does not want a custom template, just some

simple CSS changes.

If you change the original CSS file, future WHMCS

updates can remove these customizations.

3. In the e-mail templates, add variable to "view this email directly in the browser". (https://requests.whmcs.com/responses/email-content-view-in-browser-link)

4. Option to change the color and background image of the login page (administration).

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Yes - please add an option to add a favicon to WHMCS.

I don't want to manually edit the header.tpl file - I want it to be part of the settings in WHMCS (like it is in WordPress).