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setting the locale for cPanel accounts based upon the whmcs client's language for international cust

Kriweb d.o.o. shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

I have customers in different countries, also different languages. I need that the system should use customer language while creating cpanel account. This will be very useful for international customers.

This is the better service to our customers to use same language for whmcs account and cpanel account. If the whmcs system posts the user language while creating cpanel account, customer should not need to change again when he connect to cpanel account.

Just you can add an select option on the cpanel product page to select customer whmcs language or cpanel server language while creating the account on the server.

Thanks for your support

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why nobody likes this request, I think everybody needs this update because of globally.


I'm in :)


One year. Still under consideration!!