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Set base currency per product/product group

selwynorren shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I have a situation with Market Connect at the moment, however I believe this could be most helpful for any product/product group. Current I sell via ZAR Currency and have the ZAR Currency as the default currency. Market connect pricing is set as USD, so this in turn means that as the ZAR to USD currency fluctuates, the base pricing does not update at all. This means that when the ZAR currency weakens to the USD we start loosing money, and in a recent turn of event quite a substantial amount of money.

I also have VPS Server I purchase, here the base currency should remain (My purchase price stays the same) yet the ZAR Currency need to fluctuate based on this purchase price.

I know that this will only affect business where they purchase in USD and sell in another currency, I am, however, quite sure that would be quite a few of us

At present, if I am not vigilant of major currency fluctuations and have to update every product and its billing cycle, then I loose a fair amount of money. If I build in some leeway then my pricing become way too expensive.

I hope this makes sense

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This is a very important functionality we should have as not all products are suitable for all the markets and in order to sell to different markets we should also adjust the product so having different currency for different product is very useful.