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Separate WhoIs for "available check" and "show details"

MSoft shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently there is only 1 "whois" option, which is used to check availability and to get the details of a domain. These details are often just not enough, for example the .nl (SIDN) information.

An admin user from within WHMCS should have access to full whois domain details. This can be done by use of a custom whois server script (a custom script which is called by WHCMS through a line in whoisservers.php with the "HTTPREQUEST-" option).

However, this will also be used for any availability check and therefore quickly reaching the max number of whois requests. In addition, the user could also have access to this script in his control panel which is not always allowed (e.g. SIDN).

An implementation as an Addon allows full separation, but is not really usable because you have to copy/paste the domainname and manually switch from the customer page to the addon page.

We would like to request a feature to separate the Whois requests, linked to the whois link under the domainname in the customer page.

I would suggest to use an extra url-parameter or header-field in a HTTPREQEUST to indicate what type of information is needed or who initiated the request (admin or customer).

Other ideas are welcome ;-)

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