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Separate naming for invoice and proforma invoice PDFs

Bostjan Skufca shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

When sending and Invoice email, one would benefit from separate naming schemes for proforma invoices and invoices.

Separate document naming whether certain invoice does not have invoicenum assigned (it is a proforma invoice) or invoicenum is already nonempty (a real invoice).

In language files this could be implemented somewhat like this:

$_LANG['invoicefilename'] = "Invoice-";

$_LANG['proformainvoicefilename'] = "ProformaInvoice-";

What do you think? It seems fairly trivial change to me :)


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in my company we have some services billed annually (prepaid,proforma) and some billed for work done. So we need invoices unpaid (when we invoice e.g. web design) - when we need pay taxes (no matter invoice are paid) and proforma (e.g. domains, hosting) which after payment become invoice paid.


This feature existed in 5.x and in fact it is weird why you would remove it (in 6.x) without asking or letting the users vote for it, giving the impression that either there is no interest in what users think or a certain forgetfulness about the previous functionality.

To me broken or removed functionality without permission from your clients equals a bug (in the software and in the service mindset).

The same feature was removed from the web (client) invoice version. Like with the PDF invoice, you could give it the correct in version 5.x which was removed in 6.x without warning nor explaination from your side.