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Send several invoices in one mail instead of on mail per invoice

ramf shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


Now there is no way to send several invoices in one email.

We need a way to create several invoices per customer and send them all in one email (not one invoice - one mail with several invoices).

There is the send remainder button in the invoices tab in the customer profile - with this button you can select several invoices and send a remainder to the customer to pay them - the problem is that when using this button the customer will get separate email for each invoice. So if we select 4 invoices to send to the customer - he will get 4 emails (one for each invoice) instead of one with all the selected invoices.

So either add a new button to send one email "reminder" for several selected invoices - or change the already existing button so it will send one email with several invoices.